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For use of Esquire (Esq.) in the U.S. when addressing a lawyer or attorney see Esquire

How to Address a Lawyer in the United States
How to Address an Attorney in the United States

—-Envelope or address block on letter or email on a legal matter:
——–(Full Name), Esq.
——–Name of Firm

—-Social/Personal envelope at all other times:
——–Mr./Ms. (Full Name)

—-Salutation official & social:
——–Dear Mr./Ms. (Surname):

—-Conversation official and social:
——–Mr./Ms. (Surname)

Robert Hickey author of “Honor & Respect”

—-#1) ‘Esquire’, abbreviated ‘Esq.’,  is a courtesy title, and as such is used by others when addressing an attorney regarding a case, which he or she is provides representation. ‘Esq.’ is not used by the attorney with his/her name on letterhead or his/her business card and not used when addressing an attorney socially.

—-#2) Individuals with a Juris Doctor will use the academic post-nominal abbreviation JD or J.D. as part of the official form of their name in academic environments.

—-#3) I get questions asking whether faculty at law schools are addressed as ‘Dr. (Name)’ like their academic colleagues holding doctorates?  In practice, legal faculty are addressed as ‘Mr./Ms. (Name)’ in the style of their practicing legal colleagues.

—-#4) See next post for a lawyer or attorney and spouse (Joint form of Address).

—-#5) Use the social forms above for a retired attorney or lawyer.

– Robert Hickey             How to Address a Lawyer  -or-  How to Address an Attorney

Robert Hickey author of “Honor & Respect”

How to Address a Lawyer or Attorney and Spouse?

I have to write to and acknowledge donors for an upcoming community event.
—-#1) A local attorney made a significant contribution, He’s the attorney, she is not.
#2) A married couple ­– both attorneys – made a contribution too.
How to I address the envelopes?
—-—-—-—-– PM, Meeting Coordinator

Dear PM,

—-#1) Husband is an attorney and she is not.
—-—-Attorneys are ‘Mr./Ms. (Name)’. No special honorific. The post nominal ‘Esq.’ is not used in social/personal correspondence. Traditionally, if husband & wife use the same surname they are:

—-—-Mr. and Mrs. (His Full Name)

—-—-Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Nelson

—-Or if she uses another surname, or has a special honorific of her own, she is listed second with her full name.:

—-—-Mr. Thomas Nelson and Ms. Nancy Henderson

—-—-Mr. Thomas Nelson and Dr. Nancy Nelson

—-#2) Both are attorneys? Same forms shown above apply.
If you’d like to read about other options for writing women’s / spouse’s names, follow the link in the list at right to ‘Mrs. vs. Ms.’

– Robert Hickey           How to Address a Lawyer  -or-  How to Address an Attorney

Robert Hickey author of “Honor & Respect”

When Should You Use the Forms on this Page?

You can use these forms of address for any mode of communication: addressing a letter, invitation, card or Email. (If there are differences between the official and social forms of address, I will have mentioned the different forms.)  The form noted in the salutation is the same form you say when you say their name in conversation or when you greet them.

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Robert Hickey author of “Honor & Respect”