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About the book:

The Author

Robert Hickey
    Robert Hickey, deputy director of The Protocol School of Washington®  (PSOW), has been conducting protocol trainings and workshops since 1988. 
    He got interested in names, titles and forms of address as a kid delivering newspapers in Arlington, Virginia. Yes, really!  Different subscribers on the paper route were from all sorts of worlds: elected officials, medical doctors, university professors, military officers, diplomacy, clergy, and more.  That meant that some were Mr., Mrs. and Dr.. Others were General, Pastor or Senator. (The kids could always explain how their parents should be addressed.) When collecting payment for the paper's subscription, knowing the respectful form was the best way to start those conversations started!
    In addition to providing training, he is a frequent guest speaker on:
        * How You Do Things Really Does Matter
              At the Top of the Pecking Order
        * Etiquette+Culture:
             What’s Changing, Why, and What's Next?
        * Secrets from Protocol: Principles Anyone Can Use
* Be A World Citizen: The Seven Necessary Skills
    In today’s casual world most people have little day-to-day practice with the techniques developed to streamline communication in high government and international business. He believes the basics of precedence and protocol are useful to everyone interested in advancing his or her career, travels for business or leisure, or needs a better understanding of other cultures.
    As part of the PSOW’s Protocol Officer Training™ program, he teaches titles and forms of address and expands on the topics covered in this volume. Other topics include duties and functions of a protocol officer, flags, and official gifts.
    Mr. Hickey also prepares trainees to become corporate etiquette and international protocol consultants. At the PSOW’s Train to be a Corporate Etiquette and International Protocol Consultant , and The Etiquette and Leadership Institute’s®  (E&LI, Athens, Georgia) Train To Become a Children’s Etiquette Consultant, his focus is on preparing trainees to build recognition of their expertise in their company or community
    With Pamela Eyring he updated and revised the new, fourth edition of The Blue Book of Stationery published by Crane & Co. (2009), a guide to the use of stationery, invitations, and many other paper items for social and corporate correspondence and entertaining.    More of Mr. Hickey's resume is posted on LinkedIn.
    He lives in New York City.

     Contact him via e-mail.

Robert Hickey

Video & Images

Photos of Gallery at Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Kansas City, MO. 

Panel Discussion   "The Art of Protocol" at Public Relations Society of America, Los Angeles Chapter. 8 minute edited video posted on Facebook.

Robert Hickey on CNN Newsroom with Tony Harris and on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Robert Hickey on CNN International, Quest on Business

Press Releases

    How to Address Your VIP Wedding Guests? A New Resource Spells Out The Protocol Rules (April 2009) PDF

    Protocol Rules At The Top of The Pecking Order (April 2009) PDF

Quoted in the Press
Business Insider  "5 cultural faux pas Americans make while traveling abroad" by Sarah Schmalbruch.  Text of the article in a PDF format or as a Word Document .

Press Contact

For press information, interview, or fact check, send an e-mail to Robert Hickey. Or call The Protocol School of Washington®'s administrative office at 803-407-4177.


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For forms of address for invitations, place cards, name badges, introductions, conversation, and all other formal uses, see Honor & Respect: the Official Guide to Names, Titles, and Forms of Address.

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