Honor & Respect: The Official Guide to Names, Titles, and Forms of Address by Robert Hickey, Deputy Director, The Protocol School of Washington

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About the book:

    Christian Orthodox       
    Christian Orthodox        
Acting Official       
Adjutant General     

Admiral, Texas Navy   
Adventist Minister       

Archbishop, Catholic        
   Christian Orthodox        
Archdeacon, Episcopal        
Ambassador, Goodwill
Ambassador of one country
   to another country      
Ambassador of the U.S.
   to another country
   by a U.S. citizen       
Ambassador of the U.S.
   to the U.K.  
American Indian Chief        
   U.S., State / or           

Assistant Secretary
Associate Justice,
   U.S. Supreme Court          
Associate Justice of a
   State Supreme Court
Attorney General           
Attorney General,
Attorney, U.S.         
Australian Officials    
Awards, Name on an

Baron, Baroness           
British Officials,
   Royalty, Nobility     
Brother, Catholic
   Christian Orthodox          
Bishop, Catholic            
   Christian Orthodox         
Bishop, Episcopal        
Board Member     
Brigadier General       
Business Cards      

Canadian Officials    
   USA, USAF, USMC     
Certificate, Name on a 
    Federal Reserve      
Chaplain in the
    Armed Services        
Chaplain of Congress          

Chargé d’Affaires         
Chief Executive Officer 
Chief Judge          
Chief Justice,
      U.S. Supreme Court 
Chief Justice, of a State
      Supreme Court             

Chief of Police          
Chief of Staff     

Chief Operating
City Manager
Clergy & Religious
Club Official          
Colonel, Kentucky      
Colonel, USA, USAF,
    or USMC     
Commissioner, Court     
Commodore of a         
      Yacht Club         
Congressman, U.S.               
Congresswoman, U.S.   
Consul and or
   Consul General   
Corporate Executive         
Counselor (Diplomat)      
County Officials       
    U.S. Military
    U.S. Officials
    Private Citizens    
    Same Sex

Dalai Lama          
Dean, academic            
Dean, clergy            
Deceased Persons        
Degree, honorary      
Delegate, U.S., State

Deputy Chief of Mission
Deputy Marshal

Deputy Secretary      
    Pro Tempore      
Diploma, Name on a   

District Attorney
Doctor, Chiropractor     
Doctor of Dentistry
Doctor of Medicine              
Doctor, Military           
Doctor of
   Veterinary Medicine          
Doctor, Optometrist   
Doctor of Osteopathy            
Doctor, Other Disciplines     
Doctorate, honorary      

Elect, Designate
Pro Tempore      
Esquire, Esq.       

First Names, Use of
   Formal / Informal     
First, Second,
   Third , etc .        
First Lady, Spouse
   of the President of
   the United States 
First Lady, Member
    of Her   
    White House Staff      
First Lady, Spouse
   of a U.S. Governor
   or Lt. Gov.    
First Lady, Spouse
   of a U.S. Mayor    

First Lady
   of a Church      

First Lieuten
Former Officials    

Gay Couple      


Goodwill Ambassador      
Governor General         
Governor, Lieuten
Governor, Lt., Spouse   

Governor, Tribal Council          
Governor, U.S. State       
Governor, Former    
    Spouse of     
Governor's Staff,
    Member of
Governors, Board of 

High Commissioner    
Honorable, The
Honorary Ambassador       
Honorary degrees
Honorary doctorate
Honourable, The

Indian Chief         
Inspector General    
Interim Official   
   Writing &  
    Writing &

Judge, former     
Judge of US City

     County or State     
Judge, US Federal            
Junior, Senior,
    I, II, III, etc

Justice, Associate

     Supreme Court

Justice, Associate

     Supreme Court


Late, The
   (deceased persons)
Lesbian Couple    
Lieutenant Colonel,     
   USA, USAF, USMC      
Lieutenant General,
   USA, USAF, USMC      

Lieutenant Governor    

Major General,
Man, business
Man, social
Marquess / Marchioness
Married Women       
Marshal for a
   Judicial District, U.S. 
Mayor, U.S. City   
Mayor, Canadian City    
Mayor Pro Tempore
Mayor, Vice    
   Protestant Clergy       
   Christian Orthodox     
Most Reverend, The        
Mother Superior
Mr. (Social)      
Mr. (Business)      
Mrs., Ms. (Use, Social Forms)      
Mrs. vs. Ms.     
Mr. & Mrs. / Couples   

Name Badges or Tags     
Nobility, UK/British
Nobility, Other & Former     
Nun, Catholic
Nun, Orthodox

Officer, Police     

Pastor, Christian Clergy  
   Christian Orthodox  
   Ecumenical Patriarch
   of Constantinople  
People with Two Titles      
Petty Officer
Place Cards            
Plaque, Name on a    
Police Chief
Police Officer                     
Pope, Catholic
Pope, Coptic
Postmaster General         
Presbyter, Orthodox
President, corporate
President of
    College or
President of a
President of a
    US State Assembly 
President (current)
   of the U.S.A.          
President (former)
   of the U.S.A.     
President of the
    U.S.A., spouse of  
    of the U.S.   
Priest, Catholic          
    Christian Orthodox 
Priest, Episcopal        
Prime Minister
   & Academics         
Pro Tempore,
   Elect, Designate    


Ranger, Texas        
   U.S., Federal           
   U.S., State            
Reservist, Military      
Retired Military
   1. Formula For
       How to Address     
   2. Use of Rank by
       Retired Military    

   3. Q&A on
       How to Address
       Retired Military   
Reverend, The
Right Reverend, The         

Same Sex Couple      
Salvation Army    
School Board Member
   U.S. Department,
   Member of the Cabinet
   of Defense, U.S.       
Secretary, Assistant       
Secretary General
   of the U.N.            
Senator, U.S., Federal       
Senator, U.S., State         
Senator, Canadian       
Senior, Junior,
     I, II, III, etc.         
Senior Judge 
Sergeant at Arms
Seventh Day
     Adventist Minister       
Sister, Catholic       

Solicitor General      
Speaker of the U.S.
   House of
Spouse of the
    President of the U.S.       
Spouse of the
    Vice President
    of the U.S.           
Spouse of an
    Elected Official            
State Attorney     
Surgeon General          

Texas Ranger        
Titles & Forms of
    Address, Useless?        
Tombstones, Names on
Town Justice
Town Manager       
The Honorable     
Tribal Officials     
Two Titles,
    Person With

Under Secretary       
US Attorney
US Federal Officials
US State Officials     
US Municipal Officials

Venerable, The        
Veteran (not Retired)         
Very Reverend, The         
VFW Officer/Official    
Vice Mayor       
Vice President
    of the U.S.
Spouse of the
    Vice President
of the U.S.
Vice President-elect
    of the U.S.      
Viscount and/or

Warrant Officer       
White House Staff    
Woman, business        
Woman, social        

Yacht Club Officer      


A Selection of
Libraries, Institutions,
Headquarters and
Organizations Using
Honor & Respect

Academic Libraries            
Academic Offices and Programs  
Armed Services      
Associations and Trade Groups 
Corporate Offices          
Cultural Institutions                    
Diplomatic Community      

Educational Organizations         
Government Offices: City & County             
Government Offices: Federal             
Government Offices: State             
International Organizations            
Law Firms             
Public Libraries                  
Religious Organizations        

Diplomatic Community
British Embassy, Washington, DC
Consulate General Of Japan, Miami, Florida
ECOWAS Parliament, Abuja, Nigeria
Embassy of Australia, Washington, DC
Embassy of Canada, Washington, DC
Embassy of the Republic of Guatemala, Washington, DC
Embassy of Mexico, Washington, DC
Embassy of New Zealand, Washington, DC
Embassy of the Republic of Sierra Leone, Washington, DC
Gulf Cooperation Council, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Gulf Cooperation Council Mission to the United Nations, New York
Inter-American Development Bank, Washington, DC
International Monetary Fund, Washington, DC
The Import-Export Bank, Washington, DC
United Nations, Office of the Chief of Protocol, New York, New York
Permanent Mission to the United Nations from the Republic of Suriname, New York
Permanent Mission to the United Nations from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, New York
United States Department of State, Office of the Chief of Protocol, Washington, DC

Bank of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario
Bank of Ghana, Protocol Office, Accra
Bayelsa State Government, Nigeria
Bombardier Aerospace, Dorval, Quebec
Canada Border Services Agency, Ottawa, Canada
Cayman Islands Protocol Office, George Town, Grand Cayman
Central Bank of Nigeria, Protocol Office, Abuja
Crown Prince Court, Protocol Office, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Emirate of Abu Dhabi, Department of Municipal Affairs, United Arab Emirates

Government of Fujairah, Emiri Court, Protocol Office, United Arab Emirates

Government of Manitoba, Protocol Office, Winnipeg
INSEAD Business School, Fontainebleau, France
Imo State Government, Office of Protocol, Owerri, Nigeria
Republic of Slovenia, Ministry of Defense, Ljubljana
Office of the Premier and Cabinet Office, Government of Ontario, Toronto
Office of the President, Lebanese Republic, Beirut
Office of The Presidency, Republic of Turkey, Ankara
Office of the Vice President, Federal Republic of Nigeria, Abuja
Protocol Department, H.H. The Ruler's Court, Government of Dubai, Dubai, UAE
Protocol Department, H.M. The Sultan of Oman, Muscat

Protocol Department, Crown Prince Court, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Protocol & Security Department, Burj Khalifa, Dubai, UAE
Regional Municipality of York, Ontario, Canada
Royal Bafokeng Kingdom Protocol Office, South Africa
Royal Bahamas Police Force, Nassau
Royal Canadian Mounted Police International Travel Visits
     and Foreign Liaison Department, Vancouver, British Columbia
Security & Protocol Office, Burj Khalifa, Dubai, UAE
SHAPE Military Library, NATO Allied Command Operations, Brussels, Belgium
State Ceremonial and Corporate Events, Department of Canadian Heritage, Gatineau
The Reserve Bank of India, Mumbai
Turks & Caicos Government Protocol Office, Providenciales

Legal and Professional
Duben & Natividad, Encino, California
Greenberg Traurig, New York, New York
McCandlish Holton, Richmond, Virginia
McGuire Woods Battle & Boothe, Tysons Corner, Virginia
Scadden Arps, New York, New York

Corporate Offices
ACLU of Idaho Foundation, Boise, Idaho
Aerojet, Sacramento, California
Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
American Airlines, Fort Worth, Texas
American Express Executive Offices, New York, New York
Ameriprise Financial, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Archer-Daniels-Midland Company, Decatur, Illinoise
BAE Systems, (many locations)
Bank of America, Charlotte, North Carolina
Bloomberg, Inc., New York
Bobbie Stone International
Booz Allen Hamilton, Rockville, Maryland
Bosch, Farmington Hills, Michigan
Brown-Forman Corporation, Louisville, Kentucky
Children's Hospital Trust, Boston, Massachusetts
Coca-Cola Company, Atlanta, Georgia
Crane & Co., Dalton, Massachusetts
Cunard Line, North American Headquarters, Valencia, CA
Cyrus Capital Partners, New York, New York
ExxonMobil Global Services Company, Irving, Texas
FedEx Customer Information Services, Memphis, Tennessee
Forbes Media, New York, New York
Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts, Toronto, Ontario
General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, Silver Spring, Maryland
Goldman Sachs & Company, Jersey City, New Jersey
Hilton Worldwide Global Headquarters, McLean, Virginia
Hilton Hotels (many locations)
International Speedway Corporation, Daytona Beach, Florida
J.E. Roberts Companies, McLean, Virginia
Jhpiego, Baltimore, Maryland
Lockheed Martin
(many locations)
Magellan Bio Sciences, Waltham, Massachusetts
Morgan Stanley, New York
NOVA Chemicals, Moon Township, Pennsylvania
Pew Charitable Trusts, Philadelphia
Princess Cruises World Headquarters, Santa Clarita, CA
SAIC, Washington, DC
Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Sasol Synfuels International (Pty) Ltd., Doha, Qatar
Saudi Arabian Airlines, Training Department, Jeddah
TD Bank Financial Group, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Thales Raytheon Systems, Fullerton, California
The Blackstone Group, New York, New York
The Boeing Company (many locations)
The Coca-Cola Company, Atlanta, GA
The MITRE Corporation, McLean, Virginia
Thermo Fisher Scientific, Carlsbad, California
United Launch Alliance, (many locations)
Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., Bentonville, Arkansas

American College of Trial Lawyers, Anaheim, CA
National Asian Pacific Bar Association, Washington, DC
National Association of Broadcasters, Washington, DC

Religious Organizations
Anglican Church of Canada, Toronto, Canada
Bible Society Australia, Sydney, New South Wales
Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, New York
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints,
     Public and International Affairs Office, New York

U.S. Federal Government Offices
Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts, Washington, DC
Central Intelligence Agency, Langley, Virginia
Department of Defense, Washington, DC
Department of Justice, Washington, DC
Department of Veterans Affairs, Washington, DC
Federal Bureau of Investigation, Washington, DC
Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, Glynco, Georgia
Federal Reserve, Board of Governors, Washington, DC
Library of Congress, Washington, DC
General Services Administration, Washington, DC
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, California
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (many locations)
National Security Agency, Department of Defense, Fort Meade, Maryland
National Security Personnel System, Force Support Squadron, Randolph AFB, Texas
NORAD and USNORTHCOM Command Protocol, Colorado Springs, Colorado
Office of the Director of National Intelligence, Washington, DC
The Smithsonian Institution,
     Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M. Sackler Gallery, Washington, DC
The Smithsonian Institution, Hirshhorn Museum & Sculpture Garden, Washington, DC
The Smithsonian Institution, National Air and Space Museum, Washington, DC
The Smithsonian Institution, Protocol and Special Events Office, Washington, DC
U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Dirksen U.S. Courthouse, Chicago, Illinois
U.S. Department of Agriculture, Washington, DC
U.S. Department of Agriculture, Food & Nutrition Service, Alexandria, Virginia
U.S. Department of Homeland Security
, Washington, DC

State Government Offices
Alaska State Defense Force, Ninilchik
Mississippi Development Authority, Jackson
North Carolina Department of the Secretary of State, Raleigh
Office of the Governor, Commonwealth of Virginia, Richmond
Office of the Governor of the State of Alaska, Juneau
Office of the Governor of the State of Georgia, Protocol Office, Atlanta
Office of the Secretary of State of Oklahoma, Oklahoma City
Office of the Secretary of the District of Columbia
Office of the Speaker, Pennsylvania House of Representatives
Puerto Rico State Senate, San Juan
State of Nevada, Office of the Chief of Protocol, Las Vegas
State of West Virginia, Office of the Adjutant General, Charleston
Supreme Court of Puerto Rico, San Juan

City & County Governments
City of Allen, Texas, Mayors Office
City of Birmingham, Alabama
City of Charlotte, North Carolina, Office of Protocol
City of Dallas, Protocol Office, Texas
City of Fort Worth, Texas
City of Irvine, California
City of Jacksonville, Florida
City of Kansas City, Missouri
City of Lafayette, Louisiana, Le Centre International
City of San Leandro, California
County of Santa Clara, San Jose, California
Greater Cleveland Partnership, Cleveland, Ohio
Los Angeles County Office of Protocol, California
Miami International Airport Protocol Office, Florida
Office of Protocol, San Francisco, California
Office of the Secretary of the District of Columbia
Orange County Protocol Office, Santa Ana, California
Port of Long Beach, California
Tampa/Hillsborough International Protocol Office, Florida
West Chester Chamber of Commerce, Pennsylvania

Cultural Institutions
Foosaner Art Museum, Melbourne, Florida
Habitat for Humanity International Headquarters, Atlanta, Georgia
Tennessee Performing Arts Center, Nashville
The Centennial Club, Nashville, Tennessee
The Maine Historical Society, Portland

Professional and Educational Organizations
Kent Institute, Bayside, New York
National Academy of Public Administration, Washington, DC
National Council for International Visitors, Washington, DC
Professional Domestic Services and Institute, Powell, Ohio
The Charles MacPherson Academy for Butlers and Household Managers, Toronto, Ontario
The Etiquette and Leadership Institute, Athens, Georgia
World Jewish Conference, New York, New York
Wounded Warrior Project /
TRACK,  Jacksonville, Florida

Academic Offices and Programs
Albany Medical Center Foundation, Albany, New York
Berry College, Office of the President, Berry, Georgia,
BirZeit University, Events and Activities Unit, Ramallah, Palestinian Territory
Brigham Young University, Office of the Associate International Vice President, Provo, Utah
Brown Alumni Association, Division of Advancement, Providence, Rhode Island
University, Defense Acquisition University, Fort Belvoir, Virginia
Greenville Technical College, Hospitality Education/
     Culinary Arts Department, South Carolina
Florida Institute of Technology, Office of Development, Melbourne, Florida
Florida International University, International Affairs, Miami, Florida
James Madison University Advancement Gifts & Records, Harrisonburg, Virginia
New Mexico State University, Presidential Events Office, Las Cruces
Northeastern University, Office of University Advancement, Boston
Quinnipiac University Office of Protocol, Camden, Connecticut
Saint Michael's College, Government & Community Relations, Colchester, Vermont
Penn Medicine, Development and Alumni Relations, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Penn State University Applied Research Laboratory, State College, Pennsylvania
Purdue University, Krannert School of Management,
Speakers & Events Office,
      West Lafayette, Indiana
Princeton University, Conference and Event Services
University of Bucharest, Office of International Affairs, Bucharest, Romania
University of California, Protocol Office, Los Angeles
University of Georgia, Cooperative Extension, Athens
University of Iowa, International Programs, Iowa City
University of Notre Dame, Office of Admissions, South Bend, Indiana
University of Missouri, Hotel and Restaurant Management Program,
     College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources, Columbia
University of South Alabama, Research Development & Learning, Mobile, Alabama
University of the West Indies, Registrar's Office, Cave Hill, Barbados
University of Virginia, Development Office, Charlottesville
Vanderbilt University, Chancellor's Residence, Nashville, Tennessee
Virgina Commonwealth University, School of Business, Richmond, Virginia
Yale University Office of International Affairs, New Haven, Connecticut
Zayed University, Protocol Office, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Academic Libraries

Adelphi University, Garden City, New York
American University of Greece, Boston, Massachusetts
Arkansas State University Library, Mountain Home
Austin Community College, Texas
Bainbridge College Library, Georgia
Baker College Library, Flint, Michigan
Bellarmine University, Louisville, Kentucky
Berry College, Mount Berry, Georgia
Bismark State College, North Dakota
Boston College Law Library, Massachusetts
Broward College, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
California State University Library, Fresno
Carteret Community College, Morehead City, North Carolina
Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh
Chapman University Leatherby Libraries, Orange, California
Creighton University, Reinert Library, Omaha, Nebraska
College of William & Mary, Law Library, Williamsburg, Virginia
College of Siskiyous, Weed, California
Concordia College Library, Moorhead, Minnesota
Cushing Academy, Ashburham, Massachusetts
Daemen College Library, Amherst, New York
Dartmouth College Library, Hanover, New Hampshire
Des Moines Area Community College, Ankeny, Iowa
Del Mar College, Corpus Christi, Texas

Doane College, Crete, Nebraska
Duke University, Durham, North Carolina
Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti
Elon University, North Carolina
Florida Tech, Melbourne
Florida Technical College, Orlando
Francis Marion University, James A. Rodgers Library, Florence, South Carolina
Fordham University Library, New York, New York
Green River Community College Library, Washington
Hannibal-Lagrange College, L. A. Foster Library, Hannibal, Missouri
Harvard Law School Library, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Hollins University, Wyndham Robertson Library, Roanoke, Virginia
Illinois College, Jacksonville, Illinois
Illinois State University, Milner Library, Normal

Indiana University, South Bend
Iowa State University, Parks Library, Ames
Jacksonville State University, Jacksonville, Florida
Johnson & Wales University, Providence, Rhode Island
Johnson County Community College, Overland Park, Kansas
King Abdulaziz University, Tourism Institute, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Lebanon Valley College, Bishop Library, Annville, Pennsylvania
Loyola University Chicago, Chicago, Illinois
Marylhurst University, Oregon

Merchant Marine Academy, Bland Memorial Library, Kings Point, New York
Merrimack College, McQuade Library, North Andover, Massachusetts

Metropolitan Community College Library, Omaha, Nebraska
Minot State University, Bottineau, North Dakota
Monroe Community College, Rochester, New York
Mount Hood Community College, Gresham, Oregon
New Mexico State University, Las Cruces

New Mexico State University at Grants Library
New York Law School, New York
Niagara County Community College, Sanborn, New York
Niagara University, New York
North Idaho College, Molstead Library, Coeur D'Alene
Northern Alberta Institute of Technology Library, Edmonton
Oakland Community College, Auburn Hills, Michigan
Onondaga Community College, Syracuse, New York
Penn State University, Commonwealth Campus Libraries, University Park

Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey
Randolph-Macon College, Ashland, Virginia
Regent University, Virginia Beach, Virginia
Rush University, Chicago, Illinois
St. Bonaventure University, Freidsam Memorial Library, New York
St. Louis Community College, St. Louis, Missouri
Sam Houston State University, Huntsville, Texas
Spartanburg Methodist College Library, Spartanburg, North Carolina
State University of New York at New Paltz
Stetson University, duPont-Ball Library, DeLand, Florida
Sul Ross State University, Alpine, Texas
Tulane University, New Orleans, Lousiana
United States Merchant Marine Academy, Kings Point, New York
United States Military Academy, West Point, New York
University of Akron Law Library, Ohio
University of Alaska Southeast, Juneau
University of Arizona, Tempe
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Little Rock
University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Arkansas
University of Baltimore, Maryland
University of California Riverside
University of Cincinnati Library Ohio
University of Colorado, Law Library, Boulder
University of Hawaii Library, Honolulu
University of Illinois at Springfield Library
University of Iowa Library, Iowa City
University of Minnesota, Law Library, Minneapolis
University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Schmid Law Library
University of North Dakota, Thormodsgard Law Library, Grand Forks
University of North Florida, Jacksonville
University of North Texas, Denton
University of Pittsburgh, Bradley Library, Pennsylvania
University of Richmond, Boatwright Library, Virginia
University of South Dakota Law Library, Vermillion
University of South Florida, Tampa
University of Southern California, Marshall School of Business, Los Angeles, California
University of Texas at Arlington Library
University of Toronto, Victoria University Library, Canada
University of West Florida, Pensacola
University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire
University of Wisconsin, Fox Valley, Menasha
University of Wisconsin, Waukesha
University of Texas at Arlington Library
Washington and Lee University, Leyburn Library, Lexington, Virginia
Washington University Law Library, St. Louis, Missouri
Webster University Library, St. Louis, Missouri
West Virginia University Law Library, Morgantown
Western Nebraska Community College, Scottsbluff, Nebraska
Yale University, Law School Library, New Haven, Connecticut
Yeshiva University, New York, New York

Public Libraries
Abington Township Public Library, Pennsylvania
Alexandria Library, Alexandria, Virginia
Atlanta Fulton Public Library, Georgia
Aurora Public Library, Aurora, Illinois
Baldwin Public Library, Birmingham, Michigan
Belvedere-Tiburon Library, California
Berkeley Public Library, California
Brentwood Library, Tennessee
Bridgeport Public Library, Connecticut
Bud Werner Library, Steamboat Springs, Colorado
Cabarrus County Library, Concord, North Carolina
Calumet City Public Library, Illinois
Chula Vista Public Library, California
Clarendon Hills Public Library, Clarendon Hills, Illinois
Chapel Hill Public Library, North Carolina
Christian County Library, Ozark, Missouri
Converse County Library, Douglas, Wyoming
Corpus Christi Public Library, Texas
Dekalb Public Library, Dekalb, Georgia
Dekalb Public Library, Dekalb, Illinois
Des Moines Public Library, Iowa
Durham Public Library, North Carolina
Eldredge Public Library, Chatham, Massachusetts
Eugene Public Library, Oregon
Frederick County Public Library, Frederick, Maryland
Fort Bend County Libraries, Richmond, Texas
Free Library of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Gail Borden Library, Elgin, Illinois
Glendale Public Library, Glendale, California
Greenwich Library, Greenwich, Connecticut
Haverford Township Free Library, Pennsylvania
Hayner Public Library District, Alton, Illinois
Hennepin County Library, Minnetonka, Minnesota
High Point Public Library, North Carolina
Huntington Beach Library, California
Indianapolis-Marion County Public Library, Indiana
Irving Public Library, Texas
Kalamazoo Public Library, Michigan
Kearney Public Library Information Center, Nebraska
Knox County Public Library, Knoxville, Tennessee
Lake County Public Library, Merrillville, Indiana
Lee County Library, Fort Meyers, Florida
Lexington Public Library, Kentucky
Los Angeles Public Library, California
Manitowoc Public Library, Wisconsin
Menlo Park Public Library, California
Miami-Dade Public Library System, Miami, Florida
Milwaukee County Federated Library System, Wisconsin
Mobile Public Library, Alabama
Naperville Public Library, Naperville, Illinois
Newport Beach Public Library, California
Online Computer Library Center, Dublin, Ohio
Orange County Public Library, Santa Ana, California
Oswego Public Library District, Montgomery, Illinois
Palm Beach County Library, West Palm Beach, Florida
Palos Verdes Library District, Rolling Hills Estates, California
Plymouth District Library, Michigan
Pacific Grove Public Library, California
Racho Mirage Public Library, California
Rochester Public Libary, New York
Rogers Memorial Library, South Hampton, New York
St. Louis Public Library, Missouri
San Jose Public Library, California
Santa Clara County Free Library, Los Gatos, California
Sausalito Public Library, California
Skokie Public Library, Illinois
Stanislaus County Library, Modesto California
Suffolk County Library, Belleport, New York
Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library, Topeka, Kansas
Torrance Public Library, California
Tri-Township Public Library District, Troy, Illinois
Upper Arlington Public Library, Ohio
Ventura County Library, California
Village of Oak Lawn Public Library, Oak Lawn, Illinois
Wells County Public Library, Bluffton, Indiana
Williamsburg Regional Library, Virginia
Winter Park Public Library, Florida
Worthington Public Library, Ohio

Armed Services
Air Education Training Command, Randolph AFB, Texas
Civil Air Patrol National Headquarters, Maxwell AFB, Alabama
Defense Acquisition University, Fort Belvoir, Virginia
Joint Chiefs of Staff, The Pentagon, Washington, DC
Joint Forces Staff College, Norfolk, Virginia
Military District of Washington, Fort McNair
National Defense University, Washington, DC
National Naval Medical Center, Bethesda, Maryland

Office of the Commandant of the Marine Corps, Washington, DC
Office of the Staff Judge Advocate
     Joint Force Headquarters National Capital Region, Fort McNair, Washington, DC

OSD Protocol, Office of the Secretary of Defense, The Pentagon, Washington, DC
United States Army
    Army North, Fort Sam Houston, San Antonio, Texas
    Army Pacific, Kapolei, Hawaii
    Army Protocol, The Pentagon, Washington, DC
    Army Recruiting Command,  Fort Knox, Kentucky
    Army South, Windcrest, Texas
    Department of Protocol, The Pentagon
    Training & Doctrine Command, Washington, DC
    First Army Division, East, W
ashington, DC
    John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School, Fort Bragg, North Carolina
   101st Airborne Division, Fort Campbell, Kentucky
    311th Signal Command, Fort Shafter, Honolulu, Hawaii
    7th Special Forces Group, Fort Bragg, North Carolina

    Redstone Arsenal, Huntsville, Alabama
    Special Forces Command, Washington, DC
    Special Warfare Center and School, Spring Lake, North Carolina
    Third Army / US Army Central, Fort McPherson, Georgia
    Materiel Command, Redstone Arsenal, Alabama

    RDECOM, Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Maryland
    (and other USA locations)
United States Air Force
     Hickham Air Force Base, Hawaii

     Luke Air Force Base, Luke, Arizona
     Air University Library, Maxwell AFB, Alabama

     Scott Air Force Base, Illinois
     Sheppard Air Force Base, Wichita Falls, Texas
     Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma
     27th Special Operations Wing, Cannon Air Force Base, New Mexico
    (and other USAF locations) 
United States Marine Corps
     Camp Lejeune, North Carolina
  Marine Barracks, Washington: "8th & I"
    Office of the Commandant of the Marine Corps, Arlington, Virginia

    (and other USMC locations)

United States Navy
     Installations Command, Washington, DC
     Bureau of Medicine and Surgery, Washington, DC
     Naval Air Warfare Center, Weapons Division, China Lake, California
     NAVSEA, Shipbuilding, Conversion and Repair, Gulf Coast, Pascagoula, Mississippi
     Office of the Chief of Naval Operations, Washington DC
     (and other USN locations)
United States Coast Guard Headquarters, Washington, DC
United States Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, Colorado

United States Naval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland

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